The all New Edition Printer Series

For the all new edition series our aim was to realize a printer system that is so compact, powerful and versatile that it can find its place in almost any environment. What our development department has achieved, based on its experience, imagination and passion, is surprisingly simple and ingenious.

Key benefits:

  • The smallest configuration already works with just one housing component
  • All housing parts are quick and easy to adjust as no injection molded parts are used
  • Extremely robust housing parts are all made from aluminum and steel
  • Installation already possible without adjustments in all orientations
  • Printer can be mounted directly to front doors without any access issues and without any additional component.
  • Modular system allows a variety of configurations ex works
  • Best price performance ratio through multiple use of the parts over the entire edition series!

Our service and support for you

40 years experience in developing mechanics, electronics and firmware in-house. For you this means: In collaboration with our engineers, you will receive a perfectly adjusted printer system in no time at all. Whether fine-tuning or new developments from the scratch, individual solutions and efficient system adjustments to your environment, that is one of our greatest strengths!

Customer service from engineer to engineer

For implementation and design-in, we will gladly support you on-site if required. We work side by side with your R&D Engineers for a fast and smooth progress. Equipped with a mobile workstation and CAD software (SOLIDWORKS), concepts and ideas will be transformed on site and in real time by our experts into a constructive solution!

What our R&D will do for you

  • Adjustments of sheet metal and housing parts to avoid additional mounting adapters etc.
  • Firmware tailored and adapted to your environment and needs
  • Individual controller and interface customization
  • Special characters and fonts according to customer requirements
  • Adaptation to special temperature conditions
  • Optimization of configurable power and emergency management options for maximum reliability for e.g. battery operation
  • Development or integration of additional sensors etc. via existing I/Os or I²C bus
  • Adjusting printer behavior to allow 1:1 replacement of existing devices in the field